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I Want Eyes
(Dec 29 / Toronto)

I Want Eyes

Poem By Nassy Fesharaki

I want eyes

I want eyes
Many eyes
Not one pair
Not two pairs
Not three but many

I want eyes for the hut
In kitchen through blinds
Underneath umbrella
When it rains; very wet

I want eyes like beggars
In hiding, hand stretched
I want eye, peeking Tomb
See the face, to toes; down.

I want eyes to go out
Be solo, good spy
Walk the road to pier as Orwell
Kill, be killed, write; report

See bald head?
See bra and skirt?
See the hip and the chest?
Walk along, see the rest.

Keep watching up and down
The yellow and green; and brown
See neighbors; yellow begs in hiding
How funny! Red plays hide and seek

See clouds powerful; block sun
Pressured are clouds; child's cries
In the rain and waiting for bus; car
October is season; watch leaves fall.

I need eye; not a pair
Not two-three but many

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It's a wonderful and poetic poem. Thanks.