BL (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

And I Wonder

Who am I?
I have sat myself firmly down,
in the middle of the universe,
neither right or left, torn between
heaven and hell, an obtrusion.
I have been adhered firmly,
and cannot be budged. I am invisible.

Who am I?
Seemingly, I am happy.
Seemingly, you barely know me.
Seemingly, I am a catastrophe,
waiting to happen. I sit,
mainly by the soft, sun-soaked fairytale window,
pondering. I sit, spiteful.
And they watch. And I sit. And they watch.

Who am I?
I am myself, and that is what
is most important. A constant,
the Earth and the glittering stars
and the moon.

Who am I?
A sizeable question. Enigma.

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