"I Want"&Mdash;It Pleaded&Mdash;All Its Life


"I want"—it pleaded—All its life—
I want—was chief it said
When Skill entreated it—the last—
And when so newly dead—

I could not deem it late—to hear
That single—steadfast sigh—
The lips had placed as with a "Please"
Toward Eternity—

by Emily Dickinson

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The lips had placed as with a Please Toward Eternity— beautiful lines.......thanks for sharing...........
So many of the comments below admire the amount of profundity she packs into so few words. What can I do but simply agree!
To beg God earnestly with please all through life for something or other longed for is what life is so profoundly said in 8 lines quite amazing.................
The last two lines are simply beautiful. Very touching
Awesome I like this poem
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