I Want My Dish

I turn on the the T.V
And nothing shows
The antana's not reading
The signal
I try to play on the internet
Connected shows
Then why can't
My pages load?
This happens
Like everydays
It'll be back on in a moment
Is what they say
I regret the day
We became ungrateful
We gave our dish away
And got cable
We pay the same price
Every month
They show us all the time
Things we don't want
And all our favorite channels
Cost even more
And all the gay ones
Are instore
I can't remember
Which one is right
Theres so many channels
That look alike
But some I can't see
When the same things playing
On my T.V
It's all really confusing
Their ading what I've got
Interupting all my movies
It has to stop!
Its gets choppy
And it statics
Its sloppy
And dramtic
They're calling for us to install it
Its such a hack
Cause we've already got it
I want my dish back!

by Sugar Bear

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