I Want My Poetry To Serve - Who Do I Serve?

To Global Nomads,
Third Culture Kids, Army Brats:
'You are not alone. Your community
is tens of thousands strong.
Everyone feels like a stranger
and no one is. We are all
chameleons hiding in plain sight.'

To Lesbians, Gay men,
Bisexuals, Transsexuals,
the disenfranchised for love:
'By the time we are a year old
human beings can experience shame,
it is natural and everyone does.'

To Fearful Zebras, Tall Giraffes,
Wily Coyotes, Dogs and Wolves:
'Eat, Run, Play with all
life is all about.
No one knows the future, even....'

To Religious leaders,
Bishops, Popes, Priests, and Ministers:
'There are many ways
to the top of Mount Fuji,
to hell and heaven, is not
beyond the clouds,
just beyond the fear.
Don't cause the pain,
mirror neurons give
you the ability to imagine.'

To those in need of healing,
flight from pain of cracked bones
and broken hearts,
from the attack on self:
'Nothing is impossible.,
quantum physicists have shown
particles and waves,
and weirder still,
never give up hope,
know who you are
in Einstein's supportive universe.'

To Insomniacs, Heart
Attacks, Seizures, and those
trying to stop of the flow
of water, time, progress:
'The ordinary rhythm of life
is much stronger than you,
best to go with the flow,
once you find it.'

To those on a quest for abundance,
life, vitality: 'Seek your still small voice,
intuition's guide, follow your passion,
safety and success will track you
to the ends of the earth,
or better.'

by Kimberly Burnham

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