I think about you every day
I dream about you every night
I always pretend that you are there right beside me
I want to believe that you love me
I want to believe that you dream of me too
I want to say that I’ve always needed you
I also want to say that I love you
Although the distances between has kept us apart
The love I have for you will never depart
I am literally addicted to you
I always wish to be with you
I want to remember all the good times we had
I want to remember the first kiss we had
I want to remember everything we had together
But the thing is I can’t
Because to you, I never really existed...

by Marria Attar

Comments (2)

You were only dreaming those wishes including sweetness of first Kiss? As a dream poem is powerful in expressing that dream
I pray that all your wishes and wantings do come true..ameen stay happy and keep smiling...another beautiful poem...10 thanks