AJ (december 08,1992 / bulacan, phlippines)

I Want To Be

i can't sleep tonight,
i feel so alone.
i'm really, really sad.
i'm still looking back,
and holding my past.
why should i grieve like this?
when all i know is that i just loved you.
how can i stop.
how can i stop thinking,
what happened in our past,
and what is happening right now.
why should i feel empty?
i know i'm not wasted.
i know my friends do love me.
but i can't control my tears to fall.
i am in a deep sorrow.
or wasn't i?
i want to find my self again.
i want to be happy.

by aisha jaime

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Thanks for this beautiful poem dear little and young and sweet poet of Bulacan. be inspired to write every rhythm of your heart and soul. Well, what ever sorrows you may have in your heart, just walk with faith in thy palm and fighting spirit in your heart and in the end you can find the happiness you wish.... thanks and best wishes, love lots, melvin
happiness is something we can achieve................grab it while you can...........
Ais, you are really impressing me. You write like this at 15? The world is going to be clammoring for more of your work, my dear. While I don't like it quite as much as My Room, it is still a fine poem. I am so very proud of you.
dont suppress your self from being happy! ! just be your self and be happy always! ! !