I Want To Be

i want to be ice
so i can be as cold
as you have been to me
and then melt so i can just slip away

leave your life
like im sliding in between your fingers
i want to be the fire
so i can burn those

who have tried to burn me
then my flames can stripe away their dignity
i would leave behing my smoke
giving evidence i was once there

but i disappeared
and died right on out of your lives
when no one cared
i want to be like the wind

so i can pass you right by
without having to say hi
but only slightly whispering, bye
i want to be the tsunami

to wash away the happiness
that you have taken from me
the hurricane
to blow away your possiblities

and leaving behind only your memories
the earthquake
to shake things up
misplace your life
make it so you cant find anything

but can only want to know
i want to be the lie
the one you told me
i want to be the tear in your eye
just to make you cry
or i can be something simple
like a bird
so that i can fly
leave behind this ground
and take to the sky
beyound the clouds
and farther than the moon
just to leave your life

with no reminder
that you and i
at one time
couldve been fine
so now im farther than distance can take us

and too far from your grasp
im farther than the farthest star
but at the same time
you can reach me by car
just so you know

my heart has left you behind
and this time there in no button

to press rewind

by Selina Munsey

Comments (1)

when you wished to be a great wave..then id wished to be a great wall...i will conquer your strength and feel every angry splash of your kiss..till you subside, , , when you become a tear...il pour it with joy...nice work Selina..you made me think