I Want To Be Free

I want to be free
Like a jubilant bee
Picking pollen from desired flowers freely
Without at all being awesomely greedy.
I want to be free, very free
Like a bird owning all branches on the tree
It hovers, admires the trees and the streets
Perches where it undisturbingly, feeds.
I want to be free
Like the fish that swims
Like the parrots that sings
Paying no price but just being free.
I want to be free, my freedom is peace
I want to be free to worship the hills,
Or go with the wheels
To where I'm welcomed without heat.
I want to be free, our freedom is peace
Peaceful like the untouchable sky
Standing with head so high
'Cause its freedom is without a surety.
I want to be free
Like the hedge's flowers
It's blossoms and sheds petals at will
Without struggling for power.
I want to be free
Like the air
It enters freely where
Kings and Queens won't even on bent knees.
When I am free
They are free
You are free
We all can without enemies sleep
In peace.

by Gahlia Njongoh Gwangwa'a


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