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I Want To Be Perfect;

as least for the moment
you look at me
I want to know
you find me the
most beautiful
thing you’ve ever
seen, even if I never
believe, the lies
you tell me
with the intention
of making me smile
when I look at my enemy
made of glass
in the eyes
that see me best
or worst, to be honest
every flaw highlighted
by my comparisons
of what I’m truly want to be
because that moments
not enough
I want to be perfect
at least for the moment
I look at myself through
the glass
that laughs at the way
I simply can’t help but to fail
at everything
that’s thrown my way
but I need to endure
because this is what I deserve.
because I cant ever be perfect
or even close
in the eyes of the person
who knows me the most
who knows the things I’d never tell
because they’re things
that can only be felt.
the mistakes from within
that make marks on the surface,
of my skin,
mistakes only I can see,
flaws only I can find.
and you look in to my eyes
and you swear I’m perfect
if to no one else,
just you.
but you don’t know me
like I do.

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