I Want To Be True

I don't want to be clever or witty or wise
I just want to be true.


Truth was us when, inside me, you looked into my eyes and found my love,
Truth was us when we laughed and played,
Truth was us when you cared too much for me to make love to me,
Truth was us, when knowing me, you were brave in your words and helped me be true.


Truth was your tenderness, your joy, your heart.
Truth was my surrender, my giving, my happiness.
Truth was your love, was my love, was the love we created between us.
The truth was our honesty and ease.


Truth is the emptiness I feel at my loss of you,
Truth is my naïve hope, all present, that you will come to me,
Truth is the pain at night while I grieve for you,
Truth is my smile and my love playing the memories.

Truth is this moment, the now, the present.

The truth is I had something more than wonderful, and I can't have it anymore.

The truth is I so wish I was with you.


So many truths?

I will be true in the moment. x

by susan cook

Comments (5)

Truth is this moment, the now, the present. i think Truth is a mystery. your poem is a good meditation on the truth. liked it very much. you think a l ot. may God bless you to write a l ot of philosphical poems. thank you. tony
like this very much. It is so important to stand by whats true in your feelings as well as what is right
truth is that he will stand by you forever, if he reads this poem.
Truth is everything. Remain true. Very interesting poem, well written
The key of happiness is never having to give up! From my dear lover she became my muse and she hiding behind my poems. I can't hate her for what she did to me since I loved her so much! I learned my lessons the hard and painful ways and now is the time to move on. Great write! Keep it up, Susan, Love and Peace for always! ....God Bless You!