KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

I Want To Be Your Infection

i am blinded by everything that doesn't exist,
making me weak and tired by every single kiss,
you are my god forsaken angel from my nightmare,
that i could never leave behind,
love is just a four letter word,
if it is then why does it mean so much?
those four letters,
they can be real and they can be fake,
but i just need those four letters to be said to me,
so i can awake,
from these sins,
from this world,
i want you to be the one,
who can save my very soul,
that endured so much of this shit,
i want to be able to love you,
i want you to love me,
i want to be your infection,
and i want you to set me free,
and when i said those words you replied back to me,
'you are my infection,
better yet my diease,
i do love you,
more than you could believe, '
he takes my hand and pulls me close,
i hear his heart beating against mine,
he closes his eyes and kisses my lips,
then the disaster i live seems so far behind,
i AM his infection,
he is MY diease,
i love that emo boy,
he has set me free.

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you've infected me.....addicted to read your works..........
beautiful words. Great poem