I Want To Love

I want love
i want a kiss
i want your touch
i am yearning for all these.

by Dev Anand Click to read full poem

Comments (29)

I don't ask for much only LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE! Wonderfully written and a beautiful poem on the yearning for love.
A sweet and passionate declaration of love. Well conveyed and lovingly penned.
beautiful poem dear Tony! 10
This is a beautiful poem on love and romance having thrilling expression. It may be quoted....... i don't ask for much only love and love and love.
A poem for love and life! Passion inside.... A nice and honest confession of love Expression beautiful, simple and reliable..
i don't ask for much only love and love and love. If one gets love nothing else is needed. A beautiful poem.
It is your true passion! I can feel it! . Thanks!
hello simple but deep I enjoyed thank you
Very nice poem about wanting love.
hmmm..more of passion...
this poem exudes passion... beautiful! ! !
Loaded with love and pregnant with passion! Simple but significant is this poem!
love this passionate love poems! great...
short sweet and simple as LOVE OUGHT to be sublime poetry
good one silent version then she will be below and dev above
I don't ask for much only love and love and love having love is the happiness moments in the life of human being. love is feeling we all need no matter what. good poem liked it.
really lovely! i liked the lines i dont ask for much only love and love and love! are very nice!
Only love, love, and love... Thanks for sharing. A blessed day!
Just beautiful...love it... :) -EllaRose
Love it is! thanks for sharing and keep on writing.