I Want To Love

I want love
i want a kiss
i want your touch
i am yearning for all these.

by Dev Anand Click to read full poem

Comments (29)

I love this :) :) cant wait to read more
Sensuous sensitive stimulating! Thanks for sharing
Short and to the point. This is amazingly written. True love is simple love.
I am happy that your are experiencing the good side of love... your poem reminded me of the joy it brings and it made me smile... Kudos to you for effectively expressing yourself... that's rare... thanx for sharing
Very romantic and desiring love
Love is the key! ! ! And, let the truth arise. Nice work.
Short and super sweet.
A delicious blend of human primal feelings of love, sex, and romance, insightfully portrayed in nicely encapsulated piece of poetry subtly penned with insight. A lovely poem well articulated with conviction. Thanks for sharing Dev. Please read my poem THE OBSESSIVE AGONY OF LUST.
love, love, love, I want to love, love is everything my dear,