MT (July / Kentucky)

I Want To Say Something.

i want so bad to say something to you about it,
but i dont know if i should.
i dont want to cause a problem,
if there is no need to be.
but im afraid that if i dont,
and something really is up,
i will lose you.

i love you so much,
but the little things you do,
make me wounder

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Usually when we think something is going on. It's more than likely that there is something going on. Somehow you know when it happens like you said the little things people do make you suspicious of them even when your the one who's trying to hide something and when some confronts you about something and theres a moment that you think to yourself and wonder how did they know. It's must be those little things that we do or say after you do somethings wrong. Sometimes the guilts eats at you and you need to get caught in the lie that you told someone to cover up the fact that you let them down again.
These lines are true and I loved them. One should always love true people. One should love.