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I Want To Sing You A Love Song

I want to sing you a love song
In a dream sitting by a fire
In a cabin built of hand-hewn logs
Embers crackling in the fieldstone hearth
Window overlooking deep still lake: Desire

I want to see your silhouette
The softness of your glow
I want to see your eyes sparkle happily
to hear the things in my heart
I dream for you to know

I want to walk with you
In the fresh fallen snow
I want to feel me in your heart
wherever you go
I want to take things slow

I want to sit with you in Spring
as we hold each other close
and look up at the stars
Far away from the city
from the bright lights and the cars

I want to sing you a loves song
with lyrics and notes mixed like art
I want you to realize you're in my heart
and if I'm anything
You're always the best part

I want to hold you though the night
I want to make love to you
and hold you tenderly and tight
I want to feel you love me too
and know all the world is right

I want you to let me in
I want love to be a welcoming
Not something to win
I want you to know somehow
You found your twin

I want to sing you a love song
and when your tears of joy fall
I want to rush to you
Just to catch them all
And follow your heart's lonely call

I want to sing you a love song
Please tell me it's not wrong
That the wait is almost over
Because I've kept this love
for so long

I want to sing you a love song

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