LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

I Want To Spend A Lifetime Loving You

I want to spend a lifetime loving you.
If that is all in life I ever do
I want nothing else to see me through
For all I need is a lifetime spent, loving you.
Moon so bright, night so fine
Keep your heart, here with mine
Here we are, in love so far
Hearts intwinded, for love so kind
Race the moon, catch the wind
Be in love, til' the end
Seize the day, catch the life
Spend a lifetime in love,
With souls higher than the flight of a dove.
I want to spend my lifetime loving you.
Hearts may rise and hearts may fall,
But our love, withstands it all.
Throughout joy, throughout pain
Here our love, stands again...
Tack my hand and dance with em
Spin around in a love so free
This is where we are truly meant to be...
You and me...
Promise me? That you will be... With me... Forever...
Because I want to spend a lifetime loving you....

(Decicated to MLH)

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