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I Want To Tell You
MZ (September 30 / Guatemala)

I Want To Tell You

I want to tell you how I
feel when you turn away
from my tears

I want to tell you how I
feel when you don't comfort
my fears

I want to tell you how I
feel when I hear you
say mean things

I want to tell you many
things but i won't becasue
you would never understand

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Isn't poetry such a great outlet for our feelings? Keep writing... this one is great. p.s. reading the title made me think of the beatles' song - 'i want to tell you'. it's a good song, though. thanks :)
This is such a true poem Mariana. I feel like this so much, i have loads to say and ask but i think that its safer for me to keep it bottled up.
I love this one! ! One of my favs from you! I understand the feeling and i can relate, I think thats why i like it so much! I have an x boyfriend who i wannted to tell how he made me feel sometimes and i couldnt because I feared the same thing, that he wouldnt understand. Great poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -Meghan
U can tell me anything. Nice write. Peace, Alan
that was a grat poem.
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