ZB (1988 / utrecht, Holland)

I Want To Wake Up

I want to wake up
Wake up from reality!
I want some on to tell me
Tell me this is not the world we live in.
As beauty is a mirrage
A mirrage found in the desert
Of lands so dry and craving
Craving for some green.

But all we do is build.
Build higher walls around us.
Keeping up the dream of cold wealth
An oasis of happiness.

Can some one burst this bubble?
Burst it with some force!
And let people go back to the roots
The roots of cool warm gentleness
That this mirrage has taken away

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Comments (4)

nice piece of work with attitude.................keep writing pal..............
An interesting take on 'awakening.' It is even more frightening to realize that we can wake up from a dream and find a nightmare, erase our illusion to plunge into delusion. Thought provoking.
A 10/10 for all those thoughts and the creativity..... GOOD WORK.
Zarina I do like your poem very much and identify with the sadness you feel for the world. I have had the pleasure of knowing wealthy psople who care a great deal for their employees and donate generously to their communities with both time and money. But as you say there is no shortage of callous rich folks. Arrogance is not automatically the domain of the wealthy. All thieves are arrogant and steal mostly from the poor and elderly.