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I Want To Write Something Profound
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I Want To Write Something Profound

I want to write something profound
I want to touch hearts and minds
To bring tears to eyes
And smiles to faces
I want to stir thoughts
Fire up the mind
Something to be remembered
And cherished
And loved

I want to change the world
With my words I want to move hearts
Bring peace to war ravaged countries
Love to the stone cold heart
Awe to the bored and lonely mind
I want to be a force
For good among all mankind
To bring mankind to soar among the stars

But alas I am mired in the mud
I can't break free from the earth
The darkness of the pit surrounds me
It's walls enclose me
I am buried alive
And living I am dead
My heart beats
My blood circulates
I breathe
Yet I am dead

The coldness of the grave
It envelopes my soul
I aspire to greatness
And I fail once again
The stars elude me
For I am lost in the pit
Death surrounds me
Calls to me like a long lost lover
I can't break the chains
That shackle my hands and feet

A desolate wasteland is my home
I wanted to bring light and life
Instead I bring darkness and death
I want the sunlight, the glory of life
Yet the pit has swallowed me whole
I want to be remembered for grand ideas
But still death and disease are my domain
How can I bring love to the world
When this barren landscape surrounds me?

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