I Want You Back

Poem By Salma Said

I don't know much about you, but I am all alone.
No one is beside me, and I am all on my own.
My dad has so much work, and he is never home.
My mom takes care of four other kids, cooking, and she is always holding a broom.
I never thought I will become so lonely because I was so busy with my life.
I had a wonderful life and friends who could easily slice apples with no knife.
I never realized until I left them all behind.
I never realized that I was so blind.

Comments about I Want You Back

add loneliness as a gift to the gate way of poetry you could easily slice apples and immerse in the world of poems
loneliness is recover stage all memories will come together . and memories are dangers feeling. we thing it over and over but come back strongly.. nice.. thank you
I never realized until I left them all behind. I never realized that I was so blind. yes very true. no man is an island. we need friends. no one can live without love so beautifully you have presented this theme in this poem. love it. thank you dear poetess. tony

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