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I Want You To…

I want you to
Do as you do
Think as you think
Be who you are
Because that all your going to be

I want you to
Try you hardest
Meat your goals
Never give up
Live life to the fullest

I want you to
Lesson, Learn, Love and Hope
Build a pond what is know
Learn to live life though the hard and times
Because 'sometimes things have to fall apart
In order for other things to fall in place.'

I want you to
Have friends
Having fun making memories
Being there for them
When times get rough
But remember
Friendship turns into love

I want you to
Find that person to fall for
Sharing hopes and dreams
Working together
To meat your goals

But most importantly
I want you to
Be who you are
That person you want to be.

Friday, March 28,2008

by Andrew Bluhm

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