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I Want You To Want Me...
RJ (25 October 1978 / Bronx, NY)

I Want You To Want Me...

You say you need me but, I want you to want me.
Needing something in a sense is bondage.
You need something in order to get something you want.
You need air to stay alive. Air is needed but what is wanted is to
What you want is what you desire... What you crave... What you long
Even if you say you need to be with someone then where does your want
Maybe you want to be happy and a certain person is the one you think can do
that for you.
So then that person is not what you desire. What you desire is
That person is just a means of getting what it is you want. A
I don't want to be a vital piece to the whole. Just a part of what
you're searching for; just a means to an end.
Tell me I am what you want, the end result.
Not because I can get you what you want or because I am one of the
things on your list of ingredients to what you believe is a happy life.
Don't say you love me because of what I do, because I become a means of
you getting what you want.
Just want me.
Don't say I can't live without you. Needing someone so you can LIVE.
Nothing matters without you. That is desire (want) .
Think of it with childlike simplicity...
Children need to eat healthy, but they want sweets.
Though the sweets, they are told, are not the best thing for them, still
they crave it.
Want me, don't need me.
Don't tell me what you want in a man, tell me you want me.
What you want in a man is just another necessity.
You want these things in a man for you to be happy with him.
Once again you don't want him you want the idea of him.
Can you want the same person always? Only God knows.
When you know someone faults? Can the faulty version of a man represented by that person be what you want?
Not for them to change but actually...
To love someone just the way they are.
To want their faults and features.
Don't say that you need me...
Just want ME........

by RichOne aka L.O.T.C.J.

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