I Wanted To Call You Mine

I wanted to call you mine
But you did not wish to be mine
I wanted to hold you
But you did not wish to be held
My hand and shoulder i offered
But you coldly pushed them away
I gave you all my love
But you refused to accept it
So i am left alone in the darkness

My heart cries come guide me
Beloved, be my light

I gave you all, my love
Do not turn your back on me
For when you cry
I will be the one to hold you
When you are weak
I will offer you my hand
It is when you are down, and wish to be nothing at all
that i will call you mine, my heart, and love you

Beloved, i gave you all my love
I cannot just take it back

by Modupeola Williams

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Comments (3)

OMG I LOVE THIS POEM. This poem is one that descibels how i feel towards a girl at my school right now
You portray a true, one sided love so clearly, and perfectly. the tragedy of the uncontrollable emotion is really apparent. lovely work, keep posting
So beautiful... I almost cried. 'Beloved, I gave you all my love, I cannot just take it back' I know this feeling so well right now. Keep up the great work! Shannon