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mithya premer paras peye
dharte gachilam ami dheye,
boli ki aj mone katha
prem na peye pelam byatha.
kostor bojha buke kore
cahina hohe vari
koibo na r katha shona
galam diye ari.
tomar ktha muche dilam
amar hyiday theke
rakh na r tomay
saran gelem diye likhe

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I like this for the feel of sleeping in the grass.....I love that. I think this is still wonderful. I do like this ending better, although she could have joined you? ? Nice Uriah. Sincerely, mary
should not giving up so easily.
A very good poem, Uriah. It sets the stage for the lovely twist/hook at the end. You are far too young, to be thinking such thoughts, though. 10 from me. Hugh
Simply lovely, Uriah. I've been looking forward to reading something new from you, and as expected you did not disappoint. Shannon xoxo
You can't always win Uriah, but at least the ignition was still switched on. Love Errnestine XXX
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