I Was A Boy Who Grew Breasts

When I was fourteen, I was a boy who was severely depressed.
I tried to hide from people because I grew breasts.
It happened because of something my little brother did to me.
I was humiliated when I grew breasts that were size 38D.
When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified at what I saw.
I was the only boy who needed a bra.
When I wasn't looking, my brother put female hormones in my coke.
One day I caught him and most of his bones got broke.
The situation was very grim.
I grabbed my brother and I beat the hell out of him.
He went crying to Mom and she came to his aid.
I got grounded but at least my brother paid.
My doctor gave me male hormones and I lost my breasts.
But people still laugh at me and after I hit them, the cops place me under arrest.

by Randy Johnson

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Gives new meaning to the phrase 'making a boob.' Love, Fran xx