BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'I Was A Wounded Dove'

Helpless and hurt and filled with guilt
My heart turned to God
I knew not how even to pray except
To plea unto him for help and release
Of the pain and secrets I kept deep within

My heart was so heavy my soul barren
And dry and I could not go on unless
Repentance poured from my very soul

I asked God to help me and for awhile
I bathed in the sunshine of his love
And mercy and forgiveness

Sin crept back in through the doors
I opened when the world outside
Caused me to be curious again

Can I be happier than I am now
I followed my desires and thought
Of ways I could begin a new life
I silently planned and counted the days
Yet I never made the move because God’s
Holy Spirit brought me back to reality in time

Like a wounded bird found by a small child
You scooped me up and protected me
You taught me how to become new from the inside out

I still stray now and then in thought
But I thank you Oh Lord for being so merciful and loving and
For knowing me better than anyone for my desire to serve
You is more powerful than anything Satan has to offer
©Copyright 2003 Becky LaPrarie

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