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I Was Angry
( / Germany)

I Was Angry

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

I was angry
I refused to agree
that time would set me free
but it did
it got rid of my ill forgotten feelings
as I went through a process of mental healing

I was angry
My ego and been let down
and played around town
like a guilty clown
that’s why on my face
I wore a permanent frown

But I learned to forgive
instead of self pity and grieve
and boy what did it do me
A lot of good that
even now not everyone can see

Now I lay in bed instead
Think it all out
whisper rather than shout
Before I act
so that my mental state can remain intact

Now I breathe in
and I breathe out
for its a known fact
two wrongs don’t make a right
There is no point in trying so hard
to stir up a fight

I was angry
So I resorted to alcohol
But swiftly recalled
how that became
my best friends downfall

He used to drink heavily
And pretend he was having a ball
Until one day his liver
gave the final call

I was angry
Now I am angry no more

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

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