* I Was Born By The River

My scholar friend keeps his late Grandma's diary
And a certain page was highlighted in the color of yellow.
My old ferryman you never realized that how I deeply loved you?
Since in the cradle the word 'depth' I heard several occasions from my parents.

by nimal dunuhinga Click to read full poem

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To respect nature with the muse of your Birth. Thanks for sharing.
really nice lines, Nimal and great bio, too
I like what you've done in this one.
Excellent poem, life is deep than any mind of any great philosopher. Thak you for inviting me I will try to read all your poems.
i always think what we learn about the past especially if it concers us or a loved-one is significant and i smile as i read your poem it is nice
You are really quite a poet...first time I've had the pleasure.... I love this poem and your style..... Nice to aquaint with your art............. Jim Troy
'The depth of life is more deeper than the depth of a river' beautifully comparison. Great!
Life has been described very nicely by this poem of yours. The thoughts I had during my read took me the depts of your river. Very good write.
'the nagging life is more deeper than the river.'...how deep truth have you described in this your poem!
Nice, with Mother Earth hints... But 'more deeper' is a strange language for me.
The soul gets deeper!
Sound, deep, unique, well arranged free verse.
Powerful picture of our mortality. Well done my friend.
Powerful picture of our mortality. Well done my friend.
hello again. very, very human. john
'This old vehicle stops at all railroad crossing' very nice!
Your poem reminds me of Hermann Hesse 's Siddhartha where the river teaches Siddhartha the meaning of life and death. Fantastic idea. Loved to cherish and muse over it.
Life starts from the water, says all saints, scientists, and scholors, thank you for sharing,10+
Evocative and revealing, somewhat of a memoir, progressing into the present. Worthy of its title, in my opinion.
a poem written in a fluent style with some memories cherished and loveable