! ! ! ! ! ! I Was Born Free...! ! ! ! ! !

It’s futile to waste energy,
Don’t try to tempt me
With that plea
In your eyes.

I am done with
Emotional entanglements.
I am bankrupt,
And have nothing left
To make fresh investment.

I want to start afresh,
Open a new ledger book.
And maintain
My balance sheet.
I make deposits
By nurturing myself,
And allow none to
Make withdrawals.

I feel trapped,
Like an insect
In a spider’s silken web;
Suffocated, afraid
Of a protracted death and
Wish could inject venom in me.

A life time
Of social conditioning,
And rules others made
For me
Left no scope for freedom
Of choice.

Now, feeling free
I have time only
For an affair with life…
On my terms
Accountable to none
But myself.

Rules I make or break
Not for someone’s

Misery loves company.
But I choose to go alone,
For I Don’t wallow
In self pity.
I see immense possibilities
And reasons to be happy
And blissful

for I am
in Divine company.

by Mamta Agarwal

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it is a poem with a muscle, it is an emotion with solid muscle, two facets of teh poet's personality, one, teh first part, a tender, delicate, sacrificing all loving and caring all heart, , , , , and the other all mind, , a thinking mind, , a rational mind, , a mind in complete control and communion with divinity, , , the poem has its source from her heart, , not head :)
Mamtaji, Your fresh appointment with life is going to turn surely a new page, a new window to know yourself. Great poem
Women always say this and i remember my mom who works in actuary said this to my dad very often and that too ensuing after a difference in opiniions and a rift on any issue be it career or household chores or economical reasons as what happens as a crisis in most middle class indian families with me as an example and spectator from all this marvels. But yours are a unique.It sees of unison with God and a rest and retirement from all pleas and gleeful merriments like there in a conjugal relationship.It simply tells us that you relished all in that and have nothing more to reciprocate.I like solitariness and reticence as it stems good ideas and they are the building blocks of careers of what we are and what lead us flow through.Unfortunately am not yet in the parameters of a conjugal relationship and have not experienced a follow through..will be for sure in another decade to come and i serve as a your mouthpiece then.A wonderful effort madam from your side.I have voted it a maximum.
a very positive poem very well penned
Mamta, this one is a Wow, true spiprit forward under all circumstances, lovely thoughts by a lovely lady. Bob
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