I Was Born To Be A Rhymer

I have penned rhymes of Australia on the great Pacific shore
And i have penned rhymes of Ireland and the heights of Claramore
Where on a clear day the views are very scenic and one can see far and wide
Far beyond the twin Paps Mountains in Sliabh Luachra's green countryside

I have seen bits of The U S, Wales and England and New Zealand and Japan
And i am growing old in Australia far south of where i grew into a man
But compared to some well traveled people i have not seen much at all
Pay no heed to those who tell you that the World it is small

I have penned rhymes of many people some i have met along life's way
Some of them today are living and some among the deceased lay
And i have written of birds and animals i do know or know about
But my true worth as a rhymer i have never ceased to doubt

I have penned many rhymes of Nature like the soughing of the freshening breeze
In changeable sort of weather in the branches of the trees
And of warm and sunny days in Summer well over thirty degrees
With the air full of the buzzing of flies and nectar gathering bees

I have written rhymes of Winter of gale force winds and rain
With the brown storm water flowing in every creek and drain
I was born to be a rhymer and as a rhymer i will die
And if i told you any different i would be telling you a lie.

by Francis Duggan

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