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I Was George

I was George

Age and time, and place
Make the games we play.

I in teens and he too
Had arrived; were informed
"Girls who come are hunters;
They act as the virgins, innocent…"

We, cadets, young and rich in a way
Were preys and new to Texas, USA.
San Anton, walking on West Commerce
He tapped me on shoulder:
"Hey look at those two girls! "

They drove a red car…
Finally they closed and stopped
We were in, one girl each
I in back and we talked…

"Why long nails? " I asked her
"They are tools for defence, " as answer.
Held her hands in mine and: "and now what? "
"Will use legs and kick hard, " she replied
Then I asked, her legs locked between mine:
"And now what? " she looked as: "I will shout! "
My lips worked as glue, her mouth blocked.
I let go after while…

"What's your name? " she questioned and I lied:
"I am George, small like Washington…"

Months passed and a friend called me: "George"
Girl's sister was friend's girlfriend and things were
In daylight…

Girls knew their preys and had ways
Acted like the virgin innocents…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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