i just want that feeling that i can fly;
then it was forked over to me;
three rounds later i was tempted to try;
tried to walk but i was swept off of my feet;
at a kites altitude; the world was mine to explore;
with slow motion; lovely colors;
my mind took my brain for a tour;
and though it was useless;
but i would be lying if i were to say i wasn't infatuated;
with barely enough room through my eyes for sight;
this very special thing made me see the world through new eyes;
everything was beautiful; nothing filled with grit or grime;
i only saw the world in enjoyment and happy times;
i smiled for hours; and for hours i laughed;
nothing could bring me down; not even a parents wrath;
i went home and presented my mother with a kiss;
for she could not calculate; she was never good at math;
and i felt at peace and content with my life;
and i made a pact with myself;
that i would never complain again; if i could feel this nice;

by jasmine margetson

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If this doesn't lead people to drink, nothing will. You made it sound so good, I'm tempted to try it myself. Even though I don't drink at all. Its too bad you made it sound so good. But not for your writing purpose. This was excellant. GW62