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I Was Inlove With The Devil
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

I Was Inlove With The Devil

Poem By thabang ramafhi

i will tell you words,
that will make your soul to faint,
for i am not a saint,
Been living life, like a labyrinth.
I felt love, and i needed it to last,
but you were on a mission to satisfy your lust.

I was in love with the devil,
who roamed around capturing everyone attention.
And putting them under his spell of detention,
just to satisfy his lustful flesh affections.
To his victims life he brought imperfections.

I was in love with the devil,
who seem not to be satisfied with my blood,
went and searched on the street,
for the blood to quench his thirst.
I was the beauty and you were the beast
my body was your festive season feast
under your white bed sheet

I was in-love with the devil.
From his mouth came words,
which seemed to capture my soul.
His commands i obeyed,
from his demonic enchanting voice.

Indeed the devil is a liar.
For you lied to me and said,
you will never break my heart,
yes you did not just brake my heart,
you toned it into pieces and stole my soul,
and left me empty as a shell.

Your eyes were magnets with a strong attraction force,
my friction force was weaker than the applied force.
i was drawn to you, with an ease.
you said we will fly together
to the bright future,
i wonder whose wings a fallen angel was gonna use.
i'm happy for you my sister for you have found your angel

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