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I Was Just Fine.
TN (July 16th,1989 / Seattle, WA)

I Was Just Fine.

Poem By T.C. Nyxx

I was just fine,
Until I realized I was okay,
Then it seemed,
Everything blew up in my face,
I hate it when,
This always seems to happen,
I hate it when,
Nothing ever happens,

I never found comfort in the same things,
I’m most at home when I feel everything is spinning,
It’s what I’ve always knew,
It’s what I’ve gotten used to,
But now someone’s always mad,
And it always seems to stay,
The same,

So I went for a drive,
But the passenger that sat near me,
Was a stranger,
And she seemed too cool to be with me,
She said watch the road,
Why do you look so angry?
I know it’s late,
But somewhere it’s gotta be early,
This wasn’t good,
It never is,
Someone please pinch me.

Then she was gone,
Replaced by sudden bright lights,
And asphalt burns,
When you’re sliding on your left side,
There was no car,
Only you on the sidewalk,
They couldn’t see,
The stranger out in the dark.

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