I Was Looking For...

I Was Looking for...

I was looking for a change of scenery
You know like the other side of the fence
where things are supposed to be the finest greenery
But I wanted something with a little suspense

They say I'm quite the bird dog around here
But chasing down birds to just point in their way
Is not very exciting and leaves no room for fear
So I figured on to bigger and better days

I'll run up the tree and wait for them to arrive
Just one little tactical error got in the way
the tree trunk was slippery and I began to slide
Now I have gotten myself stuck for the day

I hope my master comes home soon
Before some bees decide to make a hive
Right under my bum there is a bit of room
Some change of scenery... now I have to survive

Aug 17 2008

© 2008 (All rights reserved)

by JoJo Bean

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