I Was Lost In A Storm And Then He Touched Me

I was lost in a storm in a whirlwind of change great fear
my companion no hope was my game wondering would shelter
ever come near to conquer this beast this beast
we call fear, so lost was I no arms to shield no dreams inside
nor hope revealed, tell me who can rescue the beast in me or
bring hope back to set me free
each step draws misery to my side the ruffling of winds
at evening tide with darkness of souls hovering near I need
inside to calm this fear I reach out for help but no help can be
found no where in this maze can peace abound
the taunting of spirits so keen indeed have mercy Lord
cause it's you that I need
clouds hung over filled inside raining down coverings of wings
to hide the passion within is ever so strong though suddenly, I'm
not alone, Lord if it's you there, won't you hear my plea for life
is slipping far away from me reminding me daily that this is all wrong
for it's really you dear Lord, it's for you that I long
teach me the steps lord to true victory then I can be strong and
fear then must flea teach me to walk with faith as my guide
shadowing your love when in you I abide

by Betty Jean Booth

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cool i thought it was liked it much i did keep it up