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I Was Lost Somewhere In Fairy Tales

An old woman,
Accommodated nearby,
Her stories I still remember
Gorgeous stories I gormandised
soilders, guns and cannonades!
She professed her brilliancy,
an skillful raconteur.

The old woman, my friend
Her extemporaneous fables I salute
Indeed I was a bud
Tending to efflorenscence into a rose

Once she sat near me
I procrastinated before being too late
On great ecstasy
My blandishment were for her cheerful voice

Unpremeditated voices tactile on my hearts
Unstinting support on my profundity she got.
That day she talked of peace, aggrements
and treaties.

Lord Buddha stood on my eyes,
On those vivacious voluble spells.
The tales of peace I liked,
me, just a listener!

Fables, stories and fairy tales a
Concatenation of wonderful series
Unsoliciated advices, imaginary utopias
Versimilitude as if they were true

The tales, echoing on my mind
as that of ventriloquisim

Today I am an adult,
My shoulders are trammelled by responsibilities
She is no more in this world

But still I like such a tale, tale of peace.
I like such a world, world of peace.

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