I Was Not Taken

I was not taken by the claws of love,
Nor bound upon a bloody rock;
I heard no angels, saw no dove,
No eagle, nothing in that dark.

I called out in the night for truth,
As if the truth would come to me,
As if the universe had any
Truths left to say.

Go bid the winds to cease to blow,
Go bid the satellites to fall;
I cannot do another day
Of labour for the world.


by Will Barber

Comments (10)

how true this seems for me...wonderful work, Will. your eloquence is astoundingly memorable. -Tailor
sometimes in life, we got to do things that we hate to do, but that's life.if only we been given certain options to avoid them, the world gonna be the best place to live ever.poor thing that's not the picture that we want, so we got to do what we got to do.great write Will.
A 10 from me as well, Will! This is wonderful! Very strong writing and excellent flow. I loved this oen!
Wouldn't it be nice if life was fair for everyone. I suppose most of us would be better off, but I think that poetry would surely suffer. We'd probably miss out on great stuff like yours, Will. Excellent write!
Sir Will Many dare but only few really become authentic poets as you are! Your way of striking the right note of a thought is admirably brilliant sir. Marvin(a fan)
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