I Was Not There

Poem By Parameswaran K V

I was not there
when the lilacs bloomed
wriggling in the slime
feeding them with the goodness of the earth.

I was not there
At the break of dawn,
when the sky was celebrating the new day
being a pale moon wasting away in the far end

I was not there
for the coronation
at the end of the tour de force
burying the dead scattered in the streets.

I was late for the feast
served for all countrymen
and content with the left over
sharing it with the beggars in the street

I was not there
when the doors of heaven opened
struggling in the hell
with self imposed punishments.

I was not there
where you liked me to be
failing to reach the heights you set for me
and fading away into oblivion

Comments about I Was Not There

Of course, this is an introspection vis-a`-vis important things taking place all around, though, not easy to swallow for the protagonist in the poem. Wonderful write. Thanks. and content with the left over sharing it with the beggars in the street

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