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I Was Only 14! !
AC (10-5-92 / Dominican Republic)

I Was Only 14! !

Poem By Ari Castillo

u woke me up in the middle of the night
but this night was diffrent from the rest u didn't wake
me up to hit or touch me u woke me up cause your scared of dieing
i was only 14 u told me that the cocaine u took had somethin in it that
wasn't right then u told me ur feel like if u go to sleep u were gonna die
i was only 14 so i had to get up and try to convince u that everythin was gonna be alright i was only 14 i sat u down on the couch and sat down next to u n told u everythin gonna be alright i was only 14 i hugged u and rock u to sleep i was only 14 and u keep tellin me am gonna die am gonna die i was only 14 finally u felt asleep in my arms and i stay there crying and rocky u i was only 14 daddy

- no child at that age should be put through what i/ve gone through please stop child abused because when a child its a bused they die inside

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Nothing to say but I know what it is to care for a parent that also abuses you. Its a twisted situation. Some people should never be left alone with a child. I am sorry no one saved you from this situation, I am sorry he did not overdose and die.