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I Was Proud To Be His Friend

He had a wonderful career and a lovely new wife.
But he did something foolish and it ended his life.
Sushi was always his favorite food.
Eversince I lost my best friend, I've been in a bad mood.
He bought a blowfish and he decided to remove the poison.
After he ate it, he started getting ill and I called 911.
But before the ambulance arrived, he died.
His death devastated his friends and his lovely bride.
When he tried to remove the poison, he didn't do it right.
It was the same as receiving a rattlesnake bite.
I told him that the poison should only be removed by a professional but he didn't listen to me.
He was wrong when he believed that he could do it correctly.
Many people mourned when his life came to an end.
I was proud to be his friend.

by Randy Johnson

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