I Was Raised By An Insane Man

Poem By Bullion Grey

i was raised by an insane man
my dreams they turn to mares
of days and nights I could not stand
lost in a field of terrors
to wake me he pulls my hairs from my skull
tearing at my deepest existence
beating my emotions dull
memories left from insanities best
gifts from an insane man
who ony knew evils guest
thirteen years of stress filled days
moments of violent seeds
believe his threats of what he say's
he'd kill me and hide me in weeds
remembering minutes hours and all
hiding in my room for fear
that this demon would soon call
demanding his torture subject near
to resolve this so many ways
i've had to pray alot
i more than understand the phrase
between a rock and a very hard spot
he jokes of sad days gone by
says it was liquor within
private times i cry
marked with the scars of his sin
i was raised by an insane man
my dreams they turn to mares
of days and nights i could not stand
lost in a field of terrors.

Comments about I Was Raised By An Insane Man

very powerful write 10
Completely surrounded, protected to have survived such evil... And even to have moved beyond bitterness. Keep sharing. Thanks,
You've managed to make the reader see past the words to your lived reality, at some cost, to feel that pain. It's truly amazing you could paint it so clearly.
This is a powerful and heart breaking write....moving read...10+++

5,0 out of 5
3 total ratings

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