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I Was Raised On Old Stories

I was raised on old stories of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra's rebel men
And of the heroes of the ambush at Tureengariffe Glen
But in time that was more than nine decades ago
And the enemy back then is no longer the foe

Those stories of old heroes i used to enjoy
And back then i was impressionable like every other young boy
But i look at life very differently today
And i do look at war in a different sort of a way

That they were brave fellows of them cannot be denied
Who for self Government for Ireland in Dublin City died
The ultimate sacrifice by them for their Country was made
And in Ireland for them at Easter in villages, cities and towns many a parade

But the Republic of Ireland remains a poor Country today
And overall far poorer than Britain is it does seem sad to say
Of centuries of resistance to invasion Ireland has a proud history
But self Government did not rid the Country of the scourge of poverty

Their dead war heroes the patriots of every Country seem to need
But dead heroes the living poor never does feed
At least anyhow that's how it seems to me
Though many with such thinking would not agree

Around the fire-place at night by men time had left old
Of the heroes of Ireland's War of Independence old stories were told
And of the ambushes at Headford and Tureengariffe Glen
But the friendly neighbor now was the enemy then.

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