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I Was Stupid Over You
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

I Was Stupid Over You

Here we go again will this ever end
Forever being left on the lonely shelf
I am here today not in the best of health
And there you are walked without a word
I laid my heart on the line for you to hold
You were the dream of I always waited for
Now all I see is what I have felt before
Hurt and pain and with this stupid sorrow
Wishing there may never be a tomorrow.
So here once again I have a heart to mend
Maybe tomorrow I have hope once again
I will not ever lay my heart as I have done before.
Simple love is what I am looking for now
I will not be waiting anymore for your call.
You made your choice took the coward ways out.
Hope you can live with this without any doubt
They say time heal everything and I am going to wait.
I won’t give up hope and I have been taught a lesson.
I know and I pray that one day I will find true love
So I look at the stars and pray that he will come.
My love, my fate and my forever blessing.

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