I Was There

Poem By Nebe Albert

To a Brother a gentle voice was heard. You have taken the freedom of another and yet you walk freely among the sons. Behold the faithful witnesses of your brother.

I am justice, I was there. I was there when you took away the freedom of another and to you I will work my mischief as you did on the innocent.

I am mercy, I was there.
I was there under the heat of the sun when you crookedly looked around and thought I saw you not. I will look away when justice will lay hold on you.

I am calamity, I was there.
I was there under the shade when you did my work on another. I called you but you were in a hurry. My vexation will be upon you like a sudden rain.

I am fear, I was there.
I was there and am sure. was it not you that i saw as you ran in and out like a mad man on a madly sunny day? I gladly hugged your soul and left it not. I will show you to the world as a groom shows his bride. I will never leave you.


I am your signature, I was there.
I was there when you broke my heart and left me naked to the world, I cried to be covered of my nakedness when another saw me and had pity. I will avenge your betrayal
I was there.

Comments about I Was There

frank Ryan, I will try it. Thank you
A sterling display of passion and power through the Silent Word...If I could, might I suggest you consider breaklining this fine work to refine the stanzaic structure into shorter lines with the appropriate breaks...It's just an IMO...I think it would flow smoother, more mellifluously and give your audience a more poetic read as opposed to a prosaic read. Either way...it's impressive work, and I enjoyed the read ~FjR~

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