I Was To You What You Let Me Be

Poem By Josephine DixonBanks

Desiring to posses and not to be a possession
What is this fervor, what is this obsession
I’m not an object of your affection
A mere image of your reflection

You didn’t love me, you loved what you wanted me to be
You loved a fantasy, baby
You live in a dream world
You create objects and people to suit your own fancy

If yo want me, I am over in reality
Wake-up, I am not with you any more
I broke out, closed locked and barred the door

Since you can’t give up this myth
Take inventory baby, who are you with
Being with yourself is being by yourself
Like an empty pitcher in a vacant house on a shelf

I tried to warn you of approaching danger
The many nights, hours, minutes, seconds, together
Yet and still to you I am a stranger

Beholding the flames from your emotional conflagration and anger
I came to your rescue, that’s right
At the time you needed a forest ranger

I came to your rescue and put out the fire
Without damaging or drowning your soul desire
Now, tell me baby how can you say I didn’t care
For when you needed someone I was your Smokey The Bear

The fire was out but you weren’t cool
You decided to go for a swim in a natural pool
Now, the water was rough and the swimming kind of hard
When you needed someone I was a much needed life guard

So you better enjoy really enjoy while you can
You may not admit it but I was to you like water to a thirsty man

When things were going hot and heavy and continued the same
I was the breeze that cooled that raging flame
Your uncontrolled desires and love once again became tame

When you tried loving who you wanted to love but failed
This temporarily knocked the wind out of your sail
You didn’t have to worry cause I would be there
Telling you, I love you and I’d always care

For there was no need for heartaches or despair
Because I am a burden bearer, I will help you bear
These newly added weights and loads I will gladly share

Baby, if time permits why don’t you search your heart
It will let you know I’d love you until death do part
This is not a song and dance you see
The love I’m willing to give comes with a guarantee

I will always love you and never quit
This is part of the guarantee but just one benefit
I’ll cope with your attitude and adjust to your ways
Be like a palm tree, it doesn’t up root it just sways

What I’m trying to convey to you
Is precious to me and of great value
But evidently it doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to me
For you accept then reject so conveniently

I don’t expect the love received to be of great intensity
People are afraid to love whole-heartedly
But I’ll say to you as it was said to me

I was to you just what you let me be

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