I Was Told You Are Indeed A Rose

Even though I was told,
You are indeed a Rose.
I still could not tell from the scent,
Since I suffer from a recent bad head cold.
Something suddenly has happened,
To convince me of this.

And you can be quite different,
Not so detected as a Daffodil.
I can tell the Tulip from a distance.
Or a Carnation on a suit lapel,
Without getting close to sniff it.

But you 'they' say,
Are a Rose to uphold.
And I can't tell if that is true.
Since my nose is blocked.
And getting near to you...
Waters my eyes,
And keeps them closed.
Whatever that is you've got...
Makes me sneeze a lot!

I wanted to get a dozen of you,
To splurge.
But I think I am allergic.
And that has prevent my urge.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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