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I Was Wrong (1995)
(04-22-1979 / San Jose)

I Was Wrong (1995)

I remember the day you said you were leaving
I couldn’t move on
I just kept grieving
I hide my face in my hands all evening
I wouldn’t find anyone who would compare to you easy believed
I have images in my head with your other significant other
I started striking out at the closest thing when that happened
I just couldn’t let go of the past I selfishly smothered my future
I sometimes looked happy but she and I knew that was a cover
I went nite after nite letting you in and destroy all of my dreams
I asked daily why I let you in I would scream
I now had these violent mood swings, these waves of anger in a calm stream
I went face to face with my future as self-esteem was due to redeem

I never want to see your sorry face
I hope you never slither your way back into my life
I can’t believe I even wasted my time
I do believe that you will grow old and lonely
I was wrong.

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