I Wasnt Thinking

i think i lost my mind
not sure where
i've looked for it

maybe its better i have
i dont think i really need it
its easier i know
now i dont have to think

when i think
i get into trouble
cause i think it over
then think it double

i think it this way
then that way
hard to decide
oh, what shall i say

all that thinking of things
causes great pains
making my poor head hurt
better now with no thinking brain

i can live life my way
do as i feel
not worrying about concequences
hmm, is this real?

guess you can tell
i wasnt thinking
when i wrote this
it's rather stinking

by sandy nobody

Comments (1)

LOL! Your play in words of thinking was cool. Yep! I think we've all been there wether we think so or not. GOD Bless! Delilah